Bob's Park


Abbas, Soji
Abbey Arms
Abbey Mills Pumping Station
Abrahams, Ivor
Abrahams Nursery
Accumulator Tower, Blackwall
Accumulator Tower, Limehouse
Ackroyd, Jane
Acorn, Giant
Actors Church, the
Adam & Eve, Pub
Adams, A.R.
Adelaide, Queen
Air Raid, World War 1
Air Raid Precautions, WW 2
Albert Cottages
Albert, Prince
Albert Stern House
Albert Victor, Prince
Albion, HMS, launch disaster
Alexandra, Queen
Alexandra, Queen, Statue
Alexandra Lake
Alred, King, (the Great)
Ali, Altab, Arch
Allen, Julie
Allen, M. B.
All Saints Church, Chingford
All Saints Church, West Ham
All Saints Church, Poplar
Allen, Bob
Altab Ali Park
Anchor, St Katharine's Dock
Anchor, Limehouse
Anchor, North Woolwich
Anchor Brewery
Ancient Lights
Ancient House
Angel, Herald
Angel, Tarnished
"Angelic Musician"
Anglican Mission to Seamen
Aniline Dyes
Animal Seat
Annesley, Susanna
Antique Head
Aquatic Path
Arad, Ron
Archway, Bromley
Armstrong, William
Arnhem School Ceramics
Arnott, Raymond
Art in The Park
Artillery, Guild of
Arts & Crafts Movement
Ascham, Roger
Asian Family Group
Atkinson, Stanley Bean
Atkinson, Stanley Bean
Art in the Underpass
Athelstan, Ealdorman
Attlee, Clement
Attlee, Clement
Avro Aircraft Co.


Baker, Catherine
Bakers Alms Houses
Balaam Street mural
Balloon Ascent
Balmoral Rd Railway Bridge
Balun, Hugh de
Bancroft Primary School
Bandstand, Shoreditch
Bandstand, Leyton
Bangla Town
Barnardo, Dr Thomas
Barnett, Canon Samuel
Barnett, Henrietta
Barrett, Thomas & Daniel
Barrett, Harriet
Bath House
Batten, Sir William
Battle, Jay
Bayes, Gilbert
Bazalgette, Sir Joseph
Beacon, Millennium
Beatrix, Queen of Netherlands
Beaumont School Mural
Beck, Michael
Beck, Simon
Beckton. Origin of name
"Beckton Alps"
Beckton's Old Houses
Bee Hive
Beer, sold by the jug
Beethoven, Ludwig van
Begum, Bilkis
Bell Foundry, Whitechapel
Bell Gates
Bell, Jeff
Belsky, Franta � The Leap
Belsky, Franta -The Lesson
Bench, Sculptured
Bennet, Kim
Bernhard Baron Settlement
Besant, Annie
Besant, Annie
Betoyne, William
Betts, J J
"The Big Blue"
Biggs, Emma
Billboard Supporters
Billig, Dr Hannah
Binnie, Sir Allen
Bird & Monkey Fountain
Bisset, Anna
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Daniel
Bisson, Daniel
Black Eagle Brewery
Black Bull, Ye Olde
Black Death, The
The Black Horse
Black Horses
Black Saturday
Black Shirts
Blackwall Tunnel Monument
Blair, J C
Blick, Maurice
Bligh, Capt. William C
Blind Beggar
Blitz, The
Blue Sculpture
Bob's Park
Boleyn, Anne
Bollard, St Katharine's Dock
Booth, William
St Botolph's Hall
Borough, Stephen
Borough Theatre
Borough, William
Boudicca, Queen
Boundary Bollard
Boundary Marker
Boundary Stone
Bounds, Beating the
Bounty, HMS
Bow Bridge
Bow China Factory
Bow Common Mural
Bowler, Keith
Boxing, Dangers of
Boxing, early fights
Boyd Street Mural
Bradley, James
Bradley, James
Brady Clubs & Settlement
Breame, Richard
Bremer Car
Bremer, Frederick
Brick Lane Arch
Brick Lane Mosaics
Brick Lane Music Hall
Bridge Art Show
Bridge, Green
Bridge House
Bridgeman, John
Bridges, Robert
Brighton, First Bus to
British & Foreign Sailors Soc.
British Merchant Seamen's Orphanage
Bromley by Bow Gardens
Bromley Hall
Bromfield, Mr
Bruce Rd Congregational Church
Bruce, William
Brune, Walter de
Brunel, Isambard Kingdom
Bryant & May, Match factory
Bryant & May Match factory
BT Dish Aerials
Buck, Jon
Budd, Julia
Burbage, James
Burbage, James
Burbage, Richard
Burges, Col.
Burghley, Lord
Burke and Hare
Bus Station, Stratford
Bus transport
Butchers Advert
Butler's Retreat
The Buxton Family


Cable Street, Battle of
Cable Street, Battle Plaque
Cabot, John
Cabot, Sebastian
Cairn, West Ham Park
Calico Riots.
Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf, Origin of name
Cannon House, E14
Canon Barnett School
Canton Street
Carob Trees
Carpenters Company, The
Cartoon Characters
The Cat & The Canary
Carl Rosa Opera Company
Carnegie, Andrew
Carnegie, Andrew
Carnegie Public Library, Leyton
Catherine Wheel
Cat Santos Shapla School
Cattle Grid
Cattle Trough
Cavell, Nurse Edith
Cazalet, Mark
Cecil, William
Centenary Clock
Central Foundation Girls School
"Centurione 1"
Ceramics, Widegate St.
Ceylon Cottage Nursery
Ceylon Mural
Chadwick, Lynn
Chaix, Richard
Channelsea, River
Chapel End Murals
Charles II, King
Charles II, King
Charles II, King
Charles, Prince
Charnel House
Charrington, Frederick
Charrington, Frederick
Charrington's Brewery
Cherry Pie
Child, JuneChild, Sir Richard
Children's Memorial
Chinese Gateway
Chingford Mosaic
Christ Church
Christ Church
Christ Church Primary School
Christ Church Hall
Chun Yee Society School
Church of English Martyrs
Church, London's Floating
Church Hill Nursery Door
Churchill, Sir Winston
Church Road School
City Airport, Viewing point
City of London Cemetery
Civil War, the
Civil War Skirmish
Clark, T HClassical Statue
Clay Hall
Clemm, Michael von
Clock, Forest Gate
Clock Court
Clock House
Clock Mill
Clock Tower, QMC
Clove Crescent
"Codinus, K."
Colet, Sir Henry
Colet, John
Colet, John
Columbus Courtyard Fountain
"Columbus Screen"
"Column, The"
Compass, Points of the
Connaught Bridge, old
Connaught Tavern
Coopers Company
Constables' Houses
Convent of the Good Shepherd
Cook, Capt. James
Cookery Centre
Co-op, The
Co-operative Wholesale Society
Coppard, Tim & Hattie
Copper Mill
Copper Mill
Coppermill Primary School
Corbis Cottage
Corinthian Capital
Cornwell, Jack Trevers, VC
Cornwell, Jack Trevers, VC
Couple on Seat
Court House, Old
Cowan, Judith
Crane, North Woolwich
Cranes, Millwall Dock
Cricket Pavilion
"Cries of London"
Crimean War
Crisp Street Market
Crocketts, Leather Cloth Factory
Cromwell Oliver
Cromwell, Thomas
Crown & Shuttle
Crutchley, Robert H.
Cubitt Arms
Cubitt Infants School Mural
Cubitt Town
Cubitt, Sir William
The Cuckfield Mural
Cure, William
Curtain Theatre, the
Curtis, Mrs Mary
Curwen, Revd. John
Custom House
Cycle Track Mile Marker


Damsel Fly Seating
Dance, George
David, Zadok ben
Davis, George
Deer, the puzzle of
Devil, The
Dewdrop Inn
Dickens, Charles
Dispensary, The Old, E 1
Dispensary, The Old, E 15
Di Stefano, A.
Djugashvili, Joseph (Stalin)
Dobree, Samuel
"Docklands Enterprise"
Dockmaster's House
Dock Police Force
Dock Police Station
Dock Wall
Docks, Decline of
Dog, one-eared
Dogs, Isle of
Domesday Book
Dominican UK Association
"Domino Players"
Doyle, John
Dragon, George Green and the
Dragon's Gate
Drapers Almshouses
Draper's Company
Draper's Hall Sculptures
Drinking Fountain, Assoc., Metropolitan
Drinking Fountain, Leytonstone
Ducking Pond
Dudley, Robert, Earl of Leicester
Dudley, Robert, Earl of Leicester
Dunn, Peter � "Dragon's Gate"
Dunn, Peter � "Awakening"
Dunn, Peter - Pavement
Dunstan, Saint
Dunstan, Saint
Durning Hall


Eagle, The
Eagle & Child
Eagle on the Roof
East Ham, coat of arms
East Ham Hall
East Ham, origin of name
East India Company
East India Docks
East India Docks
East India Dock Co.
East India Wharf
Eastlea Community School
East London Mosque
East London Waterworks Co.
Eastern Counties Railway
Eastern Counties Railway
"Echoed Aromas"
Eclipse Panels
Edgar, King
Edgar, King
Edinburgh Castle, The
Edward I, King
Edward VI, King
Edward VII, King, Fountain
Edward VII, Bust
Edward VII, King
Edward VII, Pub
Edward VIII, King
Edward VII, Coronation of
Edwards, John Passmore
Elephant Man
Elizabeth I, Queen
Elizabeth I, Queen
Elizabeth I, Queen
Elliot, Dr William
Empire Memorial Hostel
Enamel Panels
Ennals, Lord
Epping Forest
Epping Forest Act
Epping Forest, Clearance
Epping Forest, Grazing rights in
Ermine Street
Essex Cricket Club
Essex, Duke of
Essex Man Frieze
Etloe House
Eugenie, Empress
"The Evangelist"
Evesham, Battle of
Execution Dock
"Exotic Birds"


Fairfield Works, The
Farmers Road School
Fascists, British Movement of
Fashion Street Market.
Fehr, H C
Ferrer, Francisco
Figurehead for Docklands
Fire Engine, horse-drawn
Fireman's Helmet
Fire Marks
Fire Station, old Shoreditch
Fire Station, old Walthamstow
Fironi, Luigi
Fishtail Seat
Fitz Brien, Ranulf
"Fleeing Woman"
Fleur de Lis Street
Floating Hotel
Floral Wall
Flower Fountain
Flowerpots, mobile
"Flying Angel"
Flying Bomb, first
Flying Saucer
Flynn, Nuala
"The Folly" (Bridge)
Footbridge Art
Foot Tunnel, Greenwich
Foot Tunnel. Woolwich
Ford, Roman
Forest Gate
Forest Gate, origin of name
Forest Gate Community School
Forest Gate Community School
Forest Gate School of Music
Forest Gate Station
Forest Prep School Mosaic
Forest School
Forster, Frank
Fothergill, Dr John
Fountain, Drinking, Wanstead
Fountain, Chingford Mount
Fountain, Leyton
4% Industrial Dwellings Co.
4% Industrial Dwellings Co.
Fournier Street
Fourpenny Rope
Fox, J.D.
Fox Restaurant
Francis & Watkins
Frederick the Great, King
Frederick William IV, King
Freedom Press Bookshop
Free Ferry, Woolwich
Free Trade Wharf
Friday Hill House
Friends Meeting House, Leytonstone
Friends Meeting House, Plaistow
Frith, William S
Frobisher, Sir Martin
Froud Centre Mosaic
Fry, Elizabeth
Fry, Elizabeth
Fry, Elizabeth
Fry, Joseph, Drinking Fountain
Frye, Thomas
Funeral Parlour


Gable End, Decorated
Gallions Reach Pole
Gallion's Way Primary School
Ganapati Vinayaka
Gandhi, Mahatma
Garden, Aromatic
Garden, Workers'
Gardeners Mural
Gardner, Jack � Allum
Gardner, Jack - Lotus
Gardner, Jack - Running
Gardner, Jack � Tao Column
Garrick, David
Gas Street Lamp
Gas Street Lights
Gas Works, Beckton
Gascoigne, George
Gayer, Mary
Geffrye, Sir Robert
Geffryes Museum
George, The, Wanstead
George Green School
George Green School
George Green School
George III, King
George III, King
George V, King
George V, King
George V, King
George VI, King
George VI, Coronation of
German Lutheran Church
Gernon, Robert
Gertler, Mark
Gibson, J G S
Gill, Eric
"Girl With a Dolphin"
Gladstone, William Ewart
Glass Ventilation Towers
Globe, the New
Globe Theatre, the
Goldblat, Susan
Good Samaritan, Pub
Goods Yard gateposts
Gorky, Maxim
Gotha Bombers
Gould, Teena
The Grapes
Gravestones, unusual
Great Assembly Hall
Great Eastern Railway
Great Eastern Railway
Great Eastern Railway
Great Eastern Railway
GER Notice
Great Eastern Slipway
Great Eastern
Great Exhibition, 1851
Great Stink, the
Greater London Council
Green, George
Green, George
Green, Richard
Green Bridge
Green Dock
Green Man
Green Street Pavement
Greenway Path
Gregory, Christine � "Kerrison"
Gregory, Christine � "Spring"
Grotto, Wanstead
Grove House
Grove Picture Palace
"Grow Together"
Guard House
"The Guardian"
Gun, The. Blackwall
Gun, The. Spitalfield
Gunmaker's Arms
Gunmakers Wharf
Gunmaker's Proof House
Gunthorpe St Tiles
Gurney Monument
Gurney, Samuel
Gurney, Samuel


Hackney, Kate
Hall, Nigel
Ham House
Hamilton, Lady Emma
"Hammers", The
Hamon, dapifer
Hancock, Walter
"Hark, The Herald Angels Sing"
Hart of Hertsmere Road.
Harland & Wolff Gates
Haughney, Paula - Docklands
Haughney, Paula � Exotic Birds
Haughney, Paula - Leslie
Haughney, Paula - Ram
Haughney, Paula - Passenger
Haughney, Paula - Seat
Haughney, Paula - Dragon
Haughney, Paula � Heron, etc.
Hawkesmore, Nicholas
Hay Market, the
Haymarket Opera House
Headingley Cricket Ground
Headlam, Stewart
Hear No Evil
Heathcote, Robert Boothby
Hemingway, Ernest
Henriques, Sir Basil
Henry III, King
Henry VIII, King Earnest
Henry VIII, King
Henry VIII, King
Henry VIII, King
Henry VIII, King
Henry VIII, King
Henry VIII, King
Henry le Waleis
Henry Maynard School Mosaic
"Here The Sea Shells"
Herald Angel
Hermitage School
"Herring Gull"
Hewet, Walter
Heyleyn, Edward
"The Hibbert"
Highway, The
Hill, Rowland
Hitchcock Gallery
Hollis, Charles
Holmes, Percy
Holy Family School Mural
Holy Well Priory
Honourable Artillery Company
Hood, Thomas
Hopkins, Gerard Manley
Horn of Plenty
Hospital, Royal London
House Mill
Houses, half numbers of
How, George Augustus Mayo
Hughes, Mary
Hughes, Thomas
Hughes Mansions
Huguenot Street names
Humphreys, H
Hunting Lodge, Queen Elizabeth's
Hurst, Geoff
Huxley-Jones, T.
Huygens, Christopher
Hydraulic Hoist
Hydraulic Power
Hydraulic Power
Hydraulic Power


Ideas Store, Bow
Ilford, origin of name
Immigration, Museum of
Inclusion Support Centre
Infant, The, Steam Bus
Infant Orphan Asylum
International Brigade Memorial
International Hotel
Irish Immigration
Ironmongers Company
Ironmomgers Stone
"Isaac, Sacrifice of"
Itchy Park
"It Takes Two"
Ivory House


Jacobson, David
Jacobson, Sir Jacob
Jackson, Philip
Jaganari Mosaic Doorway
James, Allen
James I, King
James II, King
James II, King
Janitor's Gateway
Jeffreys, Judge
Jewish Daily Post
Jewish Soup Kitchen
John, King
John's, King, Palace of
Johnstone, Rachel
Jolles, Sir John
Jonson, Ben
Jonson, Ben
Joseph, N S
Jourdain, Nicholas
Jubilee Place Mosaics
Jutland, Battle of


Kane, S.
Katapaka Vinayagar
Kavanagh, John F
Keiller & Son
Keir Hardie Estate
Kenny, Michael
Kerrison, Edith
Kidd, Capt. William
Kindertransport Memorial
King Edward VII Fountain
Kempe, Will
Kenna, Carol
Kent, William
Kerrison, Edith
Kings, See under their names, except for:-
King, David
King, Capt. David
King Edgar
King George V Gardens
King John's Palace
Kingsley Hall
Kingsley Hall
Kingsley Hall
Kneeling Woman
Koenig, Robert
Kray Twins


Lady Day
Lady, Our, of the Rosary
Laing, Gerald
Lamb's Cafe
Lammas Day
Lammas Land Protest
Lamp Post, Old
Lampshade (?)
Langthorne Park Mosaic
Langthorne Park Screen
Lansbury, George
Lansbury, George
Lansbury, Minnie
Latham, Sir Thomas
Latitude, calculating
Lavender Sellers
Law, Ross
Lawrence, TE (of Arabia)
Lea Mills Mosaic
"The Leap"
Leeson, Loraine
"Lefevre Flowers"
Leman Street Bridge
Lenin, Vladimir Ilyich
Leopold, King of Belgium
Lesseps, Comte Robert de
Lesseps, Ferdinand Vicomte de
"The Lesson"
Lester, Muriel
Lester, Doris
Leyton Great House
Leyton Stone
Leytonstone House
Library Ceiling, Local History
Library Tiles
Light Brigade, charge of
Lights, Ancient
Lightship X
Lilley, Richard
Limehouse Link Tunnel
Limehouse, origin of name
Lion Gateway
Lister, Dr Joseph
Little Ilford
Little Ilford Lights
Little Ilford Mural
Littlewood, Joan
Litvinov, Maxim
"Live & Let Live"
Livingston, Ken
Lloyd, Edward
Lloyd Park House Crest
Lloyd Park Moat
Bridge Art Show
LNER Goods Yard
The Loaded Dog
Lobb, Nathan
Lobb, Steve
Lock, Triple
Lock, King George V
London Bridge
London County Council
London City Airport, Viewing
London Docks
London Hydraulic Power Co.
London Jamme Masjid
London Midland Railway
London Mosaic
London, The Museum of
London, The Museum of
"London River Man"
London Small Arms Factory
London Sri Murgan Temple
London Tilbury & Southend Railway
Londoner, The Oldest
Lund, Guiseppe
Luxemburg, Rosa
Lyle Park


Machzike Adas Synagogue
Madonna and Child
Malinowski, Antoni
Mallon, Jimmy
"Man With Open Arms"
Man, Marjorie
Mandarin Street
Manhole Covers
Manor House, Wanstead
Manor Park, origin of name
Mansfield Park Gates
Marine Engineering, School of
Marine Murals
Marine Police
Marine Sculptures
Market Gardeners
Market Place, Forest Gate
Martin, Sonia
Martyrs, Church of English, RC
Martyrs' Memorial, Whitechapel
Martyrs, Protestant, Memorial to
Marx-Aveling, Eleanor
Mary, Queen
Mary Sambrook Mural
Mast House
Match Girls Strike
Match Girls
Matilda (Maud), Queen
Matilda (Maud), Queen
Matusczak, Leona
Maud, Empress see Matilda, Queen.
"Mauretania", SS
Maximinus, Emperor
May Fair
Maynard, Henry
Maynard, Henry
McFall, David
McKeon, Kevin
McLean, Bruce � Eye-1
McLean, Bruce � Railings
Market Place, Forest Gate
Merceron, Joseph
Mercers' Cottages
Merchant's Tomb
Meggs Alms Houses
Meridian House
Meridian Markers, Leyton
Meridian Markers, Walthanstow
"Meridians and Metaphors"
Merrick, Joseph
Merry, Sir Thomas
"Merry-go-Round, The"
Michel, Louise
Mico, Dame Jane
Mico, Sir Sam
Mile End
Mile End New Town
Mile End Old Town
Mile End Park
Mile End Park Stadium
Mile End Place
Millennium Beacon
Millennium Clock, Highams Park
Millennium Clock, Leyton
Milles, Carl
Milligan, Robert
Mills, John W
Millwall Dock Cranes
Millwall Graving Dock
Millwall Lock Machinery
Minar, Shahid
Mitchell, William
Mitoraj, Igor. Centaur
Mitoraj Igor. Centurione
Mitoraj, Igor. Testa Adormentata
Moat, Lloyd Park
Moffat, William
Monasteries , Dissolution of
Monmouth Rebellion
Monoux Almshouses
Monoux, Sir George, College
Monoux, Sir George
Montefiore, Robert, School
Montfichet, Richard de
Montfichet, William de
Montford, Henry de
Simon de Montfort
Moore, Bobby
Bobby Moore Stand
More, Sir Thomas
More, Sir Thomas
Morgan, Sir Charles
Morpeth, Lord
Morris, William
Morris, William, Gallery
Mosaic, Dock
"The Mosaic"
Mosaics, Brick Lane
Mosaics, Bruce Rd, Bromley
Moseley, Sir Oswald
Moses, Miriam
Mosque, Brick Lane
Mosque, East London
Mother's Arms
Mount Terrace
Moyer, Benjamin
Mudd, Capt. Henry
Mulberry Harbour
Mural, Merchant Street Clinic
Museum of Immigration
Musgrave, C G


Nag's Head
"Na�des, Les"
Nankin Street
Napier School Mural
Narrow Street
Narrowest House
Nassar, Isis
National Cycle Network
National School
Nature Study Museum
Naval Hospital, Greenwich
Merchant's Tomb
Nelson, Admiral Lord
New Canton
New Globe
Newham Academy of Music
Newham City Farm
Newham College Mural
Newham Town Hall
Newman, John Thomas
Newton, Sir Isaac
Noah's Ark
Norburn, Julie
Norris, David
Northumberland House
North Woolwich
North Woolwich, origin of name
N. Woolwich Station Museum
Notley, Claire
Nova Scotia
Nursey Rhymes


Obelisk, Chingford
Obelisk, Anonymous, Beckton
Obieop, Michael O'Connell, Eilis
Ocean School
Old Ford Primary School
Old Ford Road
Old Palace School Mural
Olympic Panorama
"On Strange and Distant Islands"
One Tun Marsh
"Original Form"
Osmani School Mosaics
Our Lady of Compassion, RC Church
Our Lady of Grace, RC Church
Our Lady Immaculate, RC
"Our Mutual Friend"
Outdoor Gym
Ovadia, Arie

P, Q.

Palmerston, Lord
Pankhurst, Sylvia
Pankhurst, Sylvia
Pankhurst, Sylvia
Parabolic Arch
"Parallels of Time"
Pargetting, Wanstead
Park Gates
Parish Boundary
Parish Boundary Stone
Parish Boundary Marker
Parish Pump
Parliament, Houses of
Parsons, Lucy
"The Passenger"
Passmore Edwards, John
The Pastures
Patel, J H
Pavilion Memorial
Peace Garden
Peace Gateway
Peace Sculpture
Giant Pear (?)
Peart, Stephen John
Peasants Revolt
Peasants Revolt
Pegram, Bertram
Pekin Street
Penn, Sir William, Wanstead
Penny, Giles � .. Open Arms
Penny, Giles -Two Men ..
Penny Post, Two-
Penrose, Rev Thomas
Peri, Peter
Perry, Richard
People's Palace
Pepys, Samuel
Perkin, Sir William
Peterborough, Dean of
Peter Shore Court
Peters, Martin
Peterson, David
Pettycoat Lane
Peverel, Ranulph
Picasso, Pablo
Pier Head, Wapping
Pig & Whistle
Pigeons, Feeding
Pimp Hall Dovecote
Pipe Dream (?)
Pipes, clay
"Pirate Ships"
Pitt, William, the younger
Pittam, E C
Plague, The, 1665
Plague, The (1665)
Plashet Library
Plashet Park Mural
Plaistow, origin of name
Plaiz, Hugh de
Plate House, The
Plessey, Wartime factory of
Points of the Compass
Police Force, Dock
Poll Tax
Pond, John
Poplar Play Centre
Poplar Rates March Mural
Poplar Rates March Plaque
Poplar Rates March
Port of London
"Port of London"
Port of London Authority
Post Box
Post Sorting Office, old
Potter, Don
Pound, Revd James
Prejudice, Religious
Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Pretor, Lodewyk
Princelet St Synagogue
Protestant Martyrs Memorial
Pump, Centrifugal
Pump House Museum
Pumping Station, Chingford Mill
Pumping Station, N. Woolwich
Pyramid Tomb

Queen Adelaide
Queen Alexandra
Queen Alexandra Statue
Queen Elizabeth I
The Queen Elizabeth Pub
Queen Elizabeth I
Queen Mary Tudor
Queen Mary Windsor
Queen Mary College
Queen Mary College
Queen Mary Hospital
Queen Matilda (Maud)
Queen Matilda (Maud)
Queen Matilda (Maud)
Queen Victoria
The Queen Vic (Pub)
Queens Market


Rabalais, Francois
Rabbit Crossing
Rabjohns, Alison
Radical Murals
Raffles, Gerry
Ragged School Museum
Raglan, Lord
Railings, E14
Railway, Horse-drawn
Railway Museum, N. Woolwich
Railway Notice
Railway, Rope-drawn
Railway Signal Levers
Railway Track
"Railway Tree"
Raine Family Tombe
Raine, Henry
Raine, Henry
Raine's School
Raine, Kathleen
"Ram & Magpie."
Ramsgate, The Town of
Ramshaw, Wendy
Rancliffe House
Rand, Keith
Randall's Market
Ratcliffe Fire Disaster
Red House, The
Regent's Canal
Rennie, John
Rennie, John
Rennie, John
Rennie, John
Rennie, Sir John
"Restless Dream"
"Returning to Embrace"
Revera, John
Rex Cinema
Rhodes, Thomas
Richard I, King
Richard II, King
Richard II, King
Richardson-Lee, Derrick
Riverley School Mural
Roads, Roman
"Robert", Tank engine
Robert Montefiore School
Robertson, Malcolm � Railway Tree
Robertson, Malcolm - Time Spiral
Roden, Helena -Anemonies
Roden, Helena � Hawking Gates
Roden, Helena � Old Ford Gates
Roe, Alliott Verdon
Roman Burials
Roman Burial Sarcophagus
Roman Roads
Roman Roads
Roman Road System
Roman Signal Station
Rooke Hall
"Rope Circle"
Rope, Fourpenny
Rotating Sculptures
Rothschild Mausoleum
Rothschild, Charlotte
Rothschild, Evelina de
Rothschild, Ferdinand de, Baron
Rothschild, Lionel de, Baron
Rothschild, Nathaniel, Lord
Rothschild, Nathaniel, Lord
Roundel, Brick Lane School
Roundel, Mark Gertler
Roundel, Truman's Brewery
Royal Oak, Canning Town
Royal Brunswick Theatre
Royal London Hospital
Royal Theatre
Russell, S B


Sadleir, Sir Ralph
Saffron Avenue
Sail Maker
Sail Maker's house
Sailor's Palace
St Andrews Church, remnant of
St Angela's Ursuline Convent School
St Anne's Catholic Church
St Anne's, Limehouse
St Anne's Limehouse
St Anne's Primary School
St Antony's Primary
St Augustine of Hippo
St Bartholemew's
St Bonaventure's Secondary School
St Botolph's Hall
St Dunstan's
St Dunstan's Wharf
St Edward's Primary School
St Francis
St Francis of Assisi, RC Church of
St George's-in-the-East
St Hubert
St John's Bread
St John's School
St John's Tower
St Katharine
St Katharine, Royal Foundation of
St Katharine's Dock
St Leonards Adventure Playspace
St Leonards Church, Shoreditch
St Leonards Churchyard, Bromley
St Luke's, Kings Cross
St Luke's, E16, Mosaics
St Margaret's Convent
St Mark's Church
St Mary Magdelene
St Mary Spital
St Mary the Virgin
St Mary's Church Leyton
St Mary's Church, Little Ilford
St Mary's Church, Walthamstow
St Mary's C of E School
St Mary's School Mural
St Mary's, Bow
St Matthews Church
St Matthias Church
St Michael
St Paul's Cathedral
St Paul's Presbyterian Church
St Paul's Way School
"St Peter", Church
St Saviour's & St Olave's School
Salmon & Ball, pub
Salomons, Sir David
Salvation Army
Salvation Army Hostel
Samaritan, Good, Pub
Sandler, Barbara
Sandringam Primary School
Scott, Gilbert
Scott Russell, J
Scott Russell, J
Scott Russell, J
Scott Russell, J & Co.
Sculpture, Anon, E16
Sculptured Gate
"Sea Bass"
Seating, Decorative, Green Street
"Seating, Sculptured, Mile End"
Seats, Mosaic
Self-Storage Artwork
Selwyn Primary School
Severs House
"Shadow Play"
Shadwell Basin Project
Shadwell Bridge
Shakespeare, William
Shakespeare, William
"Shepherd Boy" Fountain
Shern Hall
Ship Chandler
Shop Front, Old
Shop, old
Shore, Peter
Shoreditch, origin of name
Shrapnel, HMS
Signal Box
Signpost, Ancient
Signpost, Multicoloured
Silk Weavers' Houses,
Silk Workers, conditions of.
Silver, S W
Silvertown Explosion, The
Silvertown Explosion
"Skylarks & Homes"
Skyline Plaza Building
Slaughter Houses
Slave Trade, The
Slavery, Abolition of
Snaresbrook Crown Court
Snowfields Primary School
Solomon, Wisdom of
Somers, Will
Soup Kitchen, Jewish
Southeastern Railway
South Sea Bubble
Space, The
Spencer, Gabriel
Spitalfields Market
Spitalfields Market Gates
The Spotted Dog, East Ham
The Spotted Dog, East Ham
Squires Alms Houses
Squires, Mary
Stadium, Mile End Park
Stalin, Joseph
Stanley, Lady Lucy
Stanley, Lord
The Station, Forest Gate
Station Parade
Steam Hammer
Stepney Green Court
Stepney Meeting
Stern, Albert
Stepping Stones Farm
Stern, Baron Hermann de
Steven Hawking School Gates
Stevenson, George
Stevenson, Leo
Stevenson's Railway Viaduct
Stevenson, Robert
Stink, The Great
Stone, Bradley
Stoneydown Park Primary
Stratford Common
Stratford Frieze
Stratford High St Railings
Stratford Langthorne, Abbey of
Stratford Langthorne, Abbey of
Stratford Langthorne, Arms of
Stratford Market
Stratford Park
Street Signs, old
Stylianides, Helen � "Guardian"
Stylianides, Helen - "Tree .."
Subco, Asian Elders at
Sunborn Yacht Hotel
Sunnyside Lodge
Surrey Docks
Susan Lawrence Primary School
Sutcliffe, Herbert
Swaminarayan Temple
"Swanfield Street, Shoreditch"
Swedish Monument
Swedenborg, Emanuel
Swing Bridge, old
Synagogues, Brick Lane
Szyk, Arthur


Taff, NicolaTagore, Rabindranath
Tao Column
Tate & Lyle's factory
Tate & Lyle
Tattooist's Sign
Tay Wharf
Taylor, Wendy � Docklands Enterprise
Taylor, Wendy - Knowledge
Taylor, Wendy - Rope Circle
Taylor, Wendy - Timepiece
Taylor, Wendy - Virginia Settlers
Taylor, Wendy � Voyage 2001
Technology or Art?
Teck, Duchess of
Telephone Man
Telford, Thomas
Temple, Wanstead Park
"Testa Adormentata"
Thakur, Mina
Thames Barrier
Thames Iron Works
Thames Police Boat Station
"Thames Sunday Afternoon"
The Theatre
Theatre Bollards
Theatre Royal
Thomas Gamuel School Mural
Tidal Basin Tavern
Tilney, Sir James
Tilney-Long, William
"Time Spiral"
"Time Terminus"
"To Meet Again"
"To The Sea"
Tobacco Dock
Toll Bridge, Chingford
Tolpuddle Martyrs
Tolstoy, Leo
Tombstones, Old
Toni, Ralph de
Toni, Ralph de
Tonic Sol-Fa College
Top Hat
Top O' The Morning
"Totem Pole"
"Touch of The Green Man"
Town Hall, Old, Stratford
Town Hall, Old, Walthamstow
The Town of Ramsgate
Toynbee Hall
Tower Bridge
Tower Bridge School
Tower Hamlets
Tower Hamlets College
Tower Hamlets Mission
Tower Hamlets Town Hall
Town Hall Heads, Leyton
"Traffic Light Tree"
Tramway Offices
Transport for London
Treacle Tin
Tredegar, Lord
"Tree in the Park"
Tree, Sir Henry
Tree House
"Tree of Life"
Treves, Dr Frederick
Trinity Almshouses
Truman's Brewery
Tubular Bull
Tudor House
Turner, J.M.W.
Turpin, Dick
"Two Men on a Bench"
Tyler, Wat
Tyler, Wat

U, V.

Underground Art
Union Castle Steamship Line
Unitarian College Chapel
United Reformed Church, Wanstead
University of East London
Unthank, G R
Valine, John
"Vanishing Point"
Vestry Hall
V 1, Flying Bomb
V 2, Rocket
Vestry House Museum
Viaduct, Railway
Victoria Cottages
Victoria, Queen
Vinegar Lane
Victoria, Queen
Victoria Cross
Vignon, Claude
Virginia Settlers Monument
Vivant, Pierre
"Vortex", Lamb Street
"Vortex", Goodmans Square
"Vowel of Earth�"
"Voyage 2001"

W, X.

W, The Big
Wade, George Edward
Wade, George Edward
Wagstaff, W.W.
Waleis, Henry le
Walker, Ralph
Wall, Decorative
Wallace, André
Walnut Tree House
Walter, Arthur G
Waltham Forest Arms
Waltham Forest College
Walthamstow, name of
Walthamstow Lighthouse
Walthamstow Slip
Wanstead Flats
Wanstead House
Wanstead House
Wanstead House Gateposts
Wanstead House, Garden Urn
Wanstead Park
Wapping Pier Head
Wapping Project Gallery
Wapping Wall
War Memorial, Crocketts
War Memorial, Limehouse
Warrior, HMS
War Memorial, East Ham
War Memorial, Poplar
War Memorial Walthamstow
Warner family crest
Warner, Thomas Courtney
Warner Family
Watchman's Shelter
Watch House, Shoreditch
Watch House, Walthamstow
Waterloo Bridge
Wash House
Water House
Waterworks Nature Reserve
"We Are The Champions"
Weitzman, Chaim
Welder, oxy-acetylene
Well, The
Wentworth, Richard
Wesley, Charles Mother
Wesley, John
Wesley's Mother
West Ham Border Markers
West Ham, Coat of Arms
West Ham, Coat of Arms
West Ham Park
West Ham United, Crest
West Ham United
West India Dock
West India Dock Arch
West India Dock Wall
West India Dock Warehouses
Westmacott, Richard
Westminster Abbey
Wheatley, F
Whistler, J. McNeill
Whitby, Prospect of
Whitechapel Art Gallery
Whitechapel Bell Foundry
White Chapel Fountain
Whitechapel, Origin of
White Hart, The
White Horse, Poplar
White Horse 1, Barking Road
White Horse 2, East Ham
White Swan
Widow's Son, The
Wigram, Sir Robert
Wilkinson, Ellen
William III, King
William IV, King
William of Orange
William Morris Gallery
Willoughby, Sir Hugh
Willoughby, Sir Hugh
Willoughby Memorial
Willoughby Passage Gates
Willow Brook School Mural
Wilson, Ray
Wilton, Joseph
Wiltons Music Hall
"Wind of Change"
Wine, Water into
Winner, Gerd
Winstanley, Gerrard
Winzer, Freidrich
Wiseman, Cardinal Nicholas
Wiseman, Cardinal Nicholas
Womens Educational Resource Centre
Women's Library
Woodgrange, origin of name
Woodgrange Infants School
Foot Tunnel. Woolwich
Woolwich Free Ferry
Woolwich, North
Worcester, Battle of
Workers' Garden
Workers' Memorial
Workhouse, Mile End
Workhouse, Walthamstow
Wynne, David
Wyon, Edward W.

Y, Z.

Yabsley Street.
Yardley's Lavender
Yale, Brian - "Birds"
Yale, Brian - Frieze
Yale, Brian - "Horses"
Ye Olde Black Bull,
Zadok ben David
Zangwill, Israel