Change Log


General: Fixed the search indexer. Search now works again.
General: Removed the OSTG club adverts as the event is past and the website no longer available.
General: Added advert for OSTG club reunion to various relevant places.
RLR: Added news to front page.
RLR: Added obituary from South Circular.
RLR: Added image to publications gallary.
RLR: Additional pictures in the galleries.
RLR: Uploaded text of Judaism Beyond Doubt. Revamped publications page.
JC: The Dreidel game is back. Assumed lost, but rediscovered on a backup disk.
RLR: A number of new pictures added to the gallery.
RLR: Added letter to The Independent.
RLR: Added Links page.
JC: Split out the introduction from the title page and moved the aphabetical index to the bottom of the menu.
RLR: Two more image galleries: Photos and paintings.
RLR: Added Reform Judaism article to obituaries section.
RLR: Restructured the page as it was getting too big. Now it is broken up into subpages linked by a menu. This will make it easier to add more material later.
RLR: Added scans of all the obituaries.
RLR: Finished adding detail pages for the publications.
RLR: Extensive updates to the publications list including detail pages about some of the publications and Worldcat links for the rest.
RLR: Brief History of West Central is now availble as PDF following a successful OCR of a printed copy.
RLR: Image gallery of all publications added.
SBS & JC: Updated the old server so that all visitors get forwarded here to the new server.
General: Updated meta tags. Put sans-serif font on all pages to improve appearance in Internet Explorer.
General: Created a contact form and linked it from the top of each section and the 404.
RLR: Fix formatting in Internet Explorer (does anybody still use that?)
Search: Updated search to version 2.1. Minor update with better layout and messages. Also suppresses some unhelpful search results.
General: Fixed most broken internal links. Some minor cleanup on broken tagging.
SBS: Added link to the current SWESRS web site and tidied layout.
General: Created search facility and linked it from all the subsites and the 404 page.
RLR: Spelling corrections to home page.
General: Created and linked this change log.
General: First upload of the new site including the new home page. Most things work well but a few broken links remain. Will need to run a validation report to find them.
EEL, JC: Updated domains to point at new site.
General: Made a custom 404 page to help anybody following obsolete deep links to find the new locations.
EEL: Added note to Wanstead explaining that the Cherry Pie story is probably untrue.

To Do