ULPS Passover Haggadah

Rabbi Rigal was responsible for the illustrations, cover art, design and illustration notes of the 1981 ULPS Passover Haggadah.

The illustrations were taken from several historic haggadot, of which Rabbi Rigal had an extensive collection of reproductions, and adapted to the Haggadah's unusual colour scheme which consisted exclusively of green and purple text and illustrations on cream coloured paper. The cover design was produced in poster paint based on images from the Kaufmann Haggadah and features the ULPS logo, hidden in the decoration around the letter "P".

The Haggadah exists in at least three versions, orange cover paperback (right to left), yellow cover paperback (left to right) and dark green covered hardback with an orange slipcase (right to left).

The Haggadah was reprinted in 1990 and 1996. Although Liberal Judaism has recently published a completely new Haggadah, the orange paperback edition is still available and can be ordered from their website: Liberal Judaism. The price is £9.00.

ULPS Passover Haggadah ULPS Passover Haggadah
ULPS Passover Haggadah
ULPS Passover Haggadah, various versions

ULPS Passover Haggadah
Notes on the illustrations

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