Rabbi Lawrence Rigal


Rabbi Lawrence Rigal

Rabbi Lawrence Rigal
14 October 1928 - 19 July 2010

Rabbi Lawrence Rigal passed away on July 19th 2010 following a short period of illness. He was the author of three websites and much other material. It is the intention of his family to maintain this web archive and make as much of his writing available as possible, although we will not be actively updating the actual content of his websites.

As a first stage in this process we have consolidated all his websites into a single structure for ease of maintenance. We hope to be able to add additional content, subject to copyright and licensing restrictions. We are also considering releasing some of the content under a permissive licence of some sort so that the main sites can be maintained, updated and expanded by others. However please note that all rights are reserved for the time being.

Daniel Rigal on behalf of the Estate of Lawrence Rigal.


In his will, Rabbi Rigal left his substantial library of religious books to the Leo Baeck College and its students. The college received the books today. We very much hope that they will find them useful.

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